Turtle in the Reef

I experienced a wake-up call after wondering why so many residents of my hometown of Niagara Falls, New York, were dealing with cancer or disease. I began to research our area's environmental history. It’s a history marked by greed, deception, illegal dumping, and misplaced patriotism. Those discoveries led to a lot of writing, including Green City Savior (2015), a suspense novel set in Niagara Falls. I realized that environmental issues affect all people, regardless of race, religion, or nationality, as well as all living things. 

Those issues are important to me. In fact, I'm fascinated by the intersection of the law, faith, and the environment. My hope is that you'll join me as I explore those issues through fiction.

Why? There are stories there. Stories of heartbreak. Discovery. Accounts of wrong choices, powerful people, and environmental crimes. And yes, even narratives of hope, redemption … and new beginnings. There are heroes that make a difference.


I'm committed to pursuing those interests, whether I'm in a courtroom, classroom, outdoors, or in my home … banging away at my computer, or mulling over these matters with my family. But there's one unifying theme to my pursuits: it's the idea of stewardship -- the notion that we’re to care for what’s been entrusted to us.

To me, stewardship of the natural world requires that we use our aptitudes and interests to act. Stewardship requires more than just recycling or reusing. It requires vigilance, gratitude, forgiveness, transparency, non-complacency, and, importantly, accountability. It’s intentional.

​ As you can imagine, I wear many hats: writer, attorney, mediator, law school instructor . . . mother to four young adults, two pups, and one son-in-law (don't read anything into that order!)

​Those identities overlap, inform, and bump up against one another in a myriad of ways. In my law practice, I'm part of a team of attorneys that represents area residents in lawsuits stemming from the historic Love Canal disaster. I also work on cases where the government has passed laws that increase the threat of harm to women and children, including ones close to being born. My law degree has enabled me to be a voice for the voiceless.

​I've also authored non-fiction books and articles relating to law practice. In 2012, I was an ACFW Genesis finalist (suspense) with Green City Savior. I serve as a judge for The Eric Hoffer Award for Book and Prose (2014-present) and other writing contests. I pen a blog entitled “Wild Faith” with Dr. Bernadette Clabeaux. We discuss the subjects that excite us, including science, law, and faith: www.Wildfaith.net