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A Family’s Toxic Legacy.

     A City’s Last Hope.

          A World-Changing Revelation.


Seventy years ago, Joseph Malvisti buried secrets near Niagara Falls he thought would never surface. But eleven years after his death, the construction of the self-sustaining community called Cascata Verde could expose his sins - and someone is willing to do anything to ensure the past remains hidden.


Lydia Vallone is a real estate agent who's hired to help recruit the first group of citizens to this ecological wonderland, but she quickly learns this 'Green City' isn't as pristine as it seems - and enlists the help of Malvisti's grandson Michael to help discover the truth. Together, they uncover a horrifying reality and struggle to expose a legacy of corruption, greed and misplaced patriotism. It's a deadly battle that puts faith, family and social consciousness completely at odds. And all Lydia and Michael have to rely on is each other. 


Or so they think.

Not all the events in Green City Savior are here. 

Full Disclosure: The New Lawyer's Must-Read Career Guide


Covering the often frustrating process of researching and securing a law firm job and how to succeed once a job is secured, this is a mentoring guide for new lawyers at the beginning stages of their careers. It embodies a collective wisdom about the things lawyers wished they knew at the beginning of their careers, rather than the end. Subjects covered include traditional and creative job hunting, writing resumes and cover letters, first and second interviews, and developing relationships with firms as a summer associate. Using real-life examples, this reference also focuses on the ultimate goal of being a satisfied and fulfilled lawyer and discusses many of the daily workplace issues that new lawyers are often afraid to talk about-handling firm partners and assignments, courtroom etiquette, organizational tools, and dating within the firm.

The Practice of Law School: Getting In and Making the Most of Your Legal Education

Provides law students with guidance on choosing the right law school and excelling once there. This book includes the who, what, when, why, where, and how of law school, including getting into law school. It demonstrates some of the ways that law students can begin to think like practicing lawyers and attain experience that is useful.

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