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There are many ways to resolve conflict outside the court system. These solutions are referred to as alternative dispute resolution services, or ADR. ADR offers significant advantages to people embroiled in conflict. It's cost-effective, private, and gives the parties more control over the resolution of a dispute. ADR lessens the emotional and physical impact of conflict. It even promotes restoration - something not easily accomplished through litigation.


I offer the following ADR services:

MEDIATION: Mediation is a voluntary process in which disputing parties work with a neutral person (the mediator) to resolve the matter. The mediator does not issue a decision, but rather assists the parties in formulating mutually beneficial solutions to the dispute. Mediation can be used to resolve individual, corporate, and organizational disputes.

ARBITRATION: Arbitration is a proceeding in which disputing parties voluntarily agree to have their matter decided by a neutral person, and be bound by the decision (or award) of the neutral. An arbitrator can base his or her decision on fairness, the law, equity, or agreed-upon industry standards or principles. These awards are later confirmed by a court in a summary proceeding, and thereafter have the force and effect of a judgment. Arbitration can be used to resolve individual, corporate, and organizational legal disputes.

CONFLICT COACHING: I help participants, including lay and ordained ministers, business managers, employers, and those interested in enhancing peacemaking skills, develop the skills and the mindset necessary to resolve conflict and encourage reconciliation. 

FAITH-BASED MEDIATION: This non-adversarial mediation process promotes reconciliation, preserves relationships, encourages creative options, and offers participants the opportunity to glorify God, even in the midst of conflict.

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Business Meeting
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