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My Prayer for the "World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation"

YOUR Glory, Lord, is evident everywhere in Creation—from the graceful arches of the willow tree, to the deep, abiding peace that comes with the crash of ocean waves. You are the creative force behind the spider’s web, the artist’s eye, the mountain’s craggy silhouette.

Thank you for the cicadas that provide the backdrop to summer nights. For the whitewash covering of snow. Thank you for crisp air tinged with the smell of decaying leaves. For spring’s earthy aroma that evokes the excitement of the start of baseball … and the promise of new life.

Thank you that our spirits can be renewed by time spent in and among Your Creation.

Thank you for Your sovereignty. Your love. For the fact that You have an ultimate plan for the restoration of this broken world through Your son, Jesus Christ. And that You’ve called each of us to participate in it.

Forgive us, Lord, for the wrong choices we’ve made that have harmed the work of Your hands. Environmental defilement affects all of your handiwork. The tiny honeybee. The majestic eagle. Even the pinnacle of your Creation – mankind.

Forgive us for complacency, for not acting when we should have. For allowing wrong things to persist. For failing to intervene when we knew certain practices or substances were harming living things.

Help us to understand that You’ve gifted each of us in unique ways to care for Creation. Some have the ability to study, measure, or analyze the metrics. Others invent new ways to move us toward a sustainable future. And still others are endowed with the artistic genius to capture the glory of your Creation on film or paper, or through song and movement.

Help us to understand that you’ve charged us with the very great responsibility to care for this world and its inhabitants. Guided by Your wisdom, we responsibly steward the resources of this marvelous planet in ways that reflect the care and concern you have for Your Creation.

Help us to understand further that stewardship should reflect the example of Christ: We love the things You love. We value truth. Act with transparency. Show gratitude. We confront environmental injustices by shining a light on the wrongdoers. We unite when environmental problems disproportionately affect those already at risk. Like the poor. The very young. The elderly. Those already suffering with illness. We remediate, restore, and protect. We also act with an eye toward mercy and forgiveness.

Above all, help us to know You better through the magnificence of Your Creation. Let the heavens declare Your glory; the skies proclaim the work of Your hands!

--Christen Civiletto

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